Pay Your Boone County Treasurer, IL Tax Bill Online

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Note: The e-check option is disabled as of 10/2/2021. Credit or debit card payments are still accepted.

Use this shopping cart to pay real estate tax bills by credit card, debit card or e-check ($50,000 transaction limit). If you have questions or problems please call the Treasurers Office at 815-544-2666.

Please understand that the confirmation email you receive merely indicates that your payment is being processed.  Transactions can be rejected by your bank for various reasons and the reversal process can take several days.

It may take several days before payments are posted on our web site.  As long as you make your payment on time, you will not be charged a penalty.

Notice: The payment processor will add the following fees to your total at checkout. These convenience fees do not go to the Treasurers Office.- Credit/Debit Cards 2.5% ($2.00 minimum)- E-Checks $1.50 per transaction