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The Saguache County Treasurer contracts with iPayments by Autoagent to accept online tax payments.

These payments are for current year & prior year taxes only. These are not for endorsements and lien holders.

Priors MUST be paid prior to or with the current year taxes. Current year can not be paid if priors are not paid. If priors are due, you MUST pay with a credit card ONLY

When you pay online, iPayments by Autoagent will charge you a convenience fee as described below.

Saguache County, however, receives no portion of the convenience fee.

Payment Method - Convenience Fee Schedule

         Direct Pay (savings or checking payment) - $1.50

         Credit or Debit Card - $2.35% with a $2.00 minimum

By clicking "I Agree" below, you agree to pay any and all fees charged by iPayments by Autoagent for the processing of credit card or debit card drafts.

For those paying prior years taxes online:  I, the undersigned, represent that I am the owner, agent, assignee, attorney, or have legal or equitable claim therein. C.R.S. 39-12-103 (1) Real Property for which a tax lien was sold under the provisions of article 11 of this title as a result of delinquent taxes may be redeemed by the owner thereof or his agent, assignee, or attorney, or by any person having a legal or equitable claim therein, or by a holder of tax sale certificate.


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